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Venous Problems

Varicose Veins

Mr Onwudike offers treatment to most venous conditions including:

He offers traditional varicose vein surgery with excellent results and he also provides the latest minimally invasive techniques of:

Every patient is thoroughly assessed both clinically and by Duplex Ultrasound scan.

The appropriateness, benefits and potential complications of each procedure will be exhaustively discussed with you to ensure that you make an informed choice. Mr Onwudike endeavours to give you a realistic expectation of what he is able to offer. More than 95% of his patients are very satisfied with their treatment and would recommend him to others.

Because of the variety of treatment techniques offered in his practice, he is are able to cater for virtually every type of patient including those considered unfit for general anaesthesia. For example those on blood-thinning medication like warfarin do not have to stop their drugs if they opt for the less invasive methods of treatment.  

Those who choose to have the traditional surgery would usually have general anaesthesia.

Those opting for the latest methods of treatment will usually be awake during the treatment except for the small minority who insist on going to sleep!

More information can be found on the “Patient information” page of this website