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Hyperhidrosis - Excessive Sweating

Hyperhidrosis of the hands

Excessive uncontrollable sweating without any discernible cause is known as Primary hyperhidrosis and is said to be a problem to as many as 3% of the adult population. It is often focal - affecting mostly the armpits, hands , face and feet. Patients report significant difficulties with school, work, personal relationships and leisure activities. Treatment has been shown to significantly restore confidence and improve quality of life in such patients. Mr Onwudike is an expert in hyperhidrosis and facial blushing and has treated well over 300 patients with this condition. Referrals have come from as far north as Barrow in Furness and as far south as Chester and Staffordshire.

Over 98% of Mr Onwudike's patients are very satisfied with their treatment and would recommend him to their friends and family .

Remarks by some of our patients include:

“Thank you for giving me back my self confidence” – A school teacher - after a Sympathectomy operation

“It was all worth it! Why was I not made aware of this treatment many years ago?” A young pharmacist - after a sympathectomy operation.

“My hands were so dry they could not obtain my finger prints” – A young man describing one of his frequent encounters with the Police.

Treatments offered include:

You will find more information on the Patient Information Page of this website